Whether you’re here to expand your business, elevate your life, or both, Latitude has the tools to make it happen. Our services are designed to match different styles, schedules, and needs. Which ones work for you?


“Entrepreneurs are amazing human beings who inspire me in so many ways. I love working with people who make it their business to change in the world.”

Gary Montalvo
A one-hour personal assessment session that gets right to the heart of where you are and where you want to go. You’ll get my targeted feedback and a clear sense of what you need to do next.
Personal Coaching
Work one-on-one with Gary and get the personalized attention you need to break through the next level of your business and life.
Group Coaching
Attend a workshop with likeminded entrepreneurs. Get coached, build community, and network with business owners in different industries.
VIP Days
A full day of targeted coaching to break through what’s been holding you back. Dive in, clarify your goals, and develop strategies for reaching them. Leave with a roadmap to your success.
LEAD Workshop
Latitude’s signature workshop. Learn the four key distinctions all entrepreneurs need to be successful. Walk out empowered to take on the next phase of your business and life!
Custom Coaching
Anything is possible … even creating your very own custom workshop. Call now to discuss details and get started!

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“Transforming leadership and communication skills can alter the life of a business.”

Gary Montalvo

Is your company thriving? Are you getting the most from your staff? What areas are thirsting for new life? Latitude can help you recreate your work environment.

Refine your leadership style, strengthen management muscles, and become the powerful, effective leader you’re meant to be.
Team Building
Invest in your staff with one of Latitude’s team building workshops. They’ll learn to work with integrity, problem solve, build trust and support, communicate effectively, increase productivity, and be more fulfilled in their daily lives.
Mediation &
Conflicts arise in every work environment—we’re all human. Address concerns with ease and confidence using Latitude’s mediation and conflict resolution methods. By learning to listen powerfully, react responsibly, and manage expectations, you and your team will experience a more productive, respectful, drama-free environment.
Want to improve teamwork and effective leadership? Gain critical insight about your staff using DISC—the premier tool for personality assessment and self understanding.
Custom Coaching
Anything is possible … even creating your very own custom workshop. Call now to discuss details and get started!

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