Do you suffer from “it’s never good enough” in your business? If so, this video message is especially for you!  

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who lays awake at night agonizing over the details you “could have” and “should have” done better? Those one or two details that absolutely no one noticed, except you?

This kind of mentality can be one of the biggest obstacles to growing your business. It creates an environment of pressure, unrealistic and unfair expectations, and ultimately burn out. In order to progress and grow, you have to be willing to celebrate the wins. And…the wins for you may look very different from the wins of others.

Being an entrepreneur means a life of constant training. Going for the next level is almost always going to feel messy and imperfect at times.
Watch the video to learn how to kick your perfectionist thinking to the curb in 2016, so you are successful in your business this year!