Cheerleader, mentor, educator, advisor. Coaches can be called different things, and their services can be packaged and delivered in different ways. At the core, coaching is a form of structured, ongoing support or training that aims to help an individual or team reach a certain goal.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to go above and beyond where they are right now. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong, it just means you want more.

The coaching process is generally one-on-one, so you should be comfortable with that. You should also be willing to look at what hasn’t been working, where things can improve, and be open to making changes. A little resistance is normal, but if you’re not open to change or suggestions, coaching may not be for you.

Not all coaches are the right fit. If you’ve reviewed our content and you get that warm and fuzzy vibe, chances are you’re in the right place. We can sell you all day long on how friendly, fun, skilled, experienced, intelligent, and fabulous we are, but there’s only one way to know for sure!

While Latitude does focus on business owners and organizations, we also work with individuals who are simply interested in bettering their lives—whether that means personally, professionally, or both.

Our tools and training are applicable for relationships, finances, health and wellness, time management, commitment, and essentially any area where you want more for yourself.

Being “coachable” is all about being open, honest, and willing to take on the process. The more you bring to the table, the more likely you’ll be to get all you can from the experience.

With any challenge, there are likely to be growing pains and areas of discomfort, but that just means you’re headed for exciting, uncharted territory—and that’s where you ultimately want to be. And trust me, it’ll also be fun and rewarding.

Like anything else, what you give is what you get. If you wholeheartedly commit to the process and engage in the work, you will most definitely experience transformative, positive shifts in your life.