Latitude can bridge the gap between where you are now,
and the business and life of your dreams!


  • Outline your vision, clarify your goals, and take control of your direction
  • Get your business working for YOU instead of the other way around
  • Generate the substantial income you’ve been working towards
  • Get back your senses of power and purpose
  • Develop new ways to authentically engage and attract your target market
  • Make decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Create and master your marketing plan, and track your progress
  • Make your dream a reality

So, you got your business off the ground. Whew! Now what?

As an entrepreneur, you march to a beat all your own. You have a vision for your life, and it doesn’t include spending day after day in a corporate cubicle.

You’ve got that burning desire to do something different … to fulfill a purpose, and to do work that actually makes a difference in this world. You want to make your mark.

And of course, you want to see your vision deliver the seven figure lifestyle it’s really worth—uh, yeah baby!

So, you mustered up the courage to take that leap of faith and launch your own business. As someone who’s done the same, I can say without question, that it takes something truly extraordinary.

Most people think about it, but very few have the guts and the goods to follow through. Fewer still have what it takes to go the distance.

But now that the shiny, adrenaline-fueled honeymoon phase is over, you’re confronted with a harsh reality: While your vision, passion, and raw talent are commendable, they’re not enough to get you to that next level and sustain your business long-term.

You want to expand but you have no clue where or how to start. Just the current day-to-day can be overwhelming, and the thought of taking on even more makes you want to lie down and take a nap. Sound familiar? Trust me, I’ve been there.

Ready for the next level? It’s time to get personal about your business.

The good news is, being confronted usually means there’s an opportunity for growth straight ahead. The million dollar question: Will you choose to make the most of it, or settle for more of the same?

Before you consider that, consider this:

What if you didn’t have to go it alone? What would it be like if you got the help you needed to make it all work?

Where would you be in two years? In ten years? What would your life look like?

What if you could access the clients you really want and make the money you truly deserve?

What if I told you Latitude’s coaching methods have already helped countless entrepreneurs do just that?

What if my tools, resources, and support were the only things standing between you and the business and life you want? Seriously.

Whether you know it or not, you’re at a crossroads, and you have two distinct options:




This is your moment of truth.

I know how much your business means to you. That’s why I do this work. I really want to see you win. When you win, the world wins.

It’s time to choose. Do or die. Are you ready to hit the wall or hit the GO button? How much do you want it?

I’m with you. Let’s do this!

– Gary Montalvo